Ádám Molnár

I am designer who can code looking for an internship position for a 10 week period from September 2019.

In my work I always aspire to build on data this establishes an essential understanding of the goals of each project and helps to create thoughtful experiences, users can connect to.

I am currently the in-house designer for Intermedia Video Solutions and front-end designer at ProjektX, a danish creative agency that offers design services executed by university students.

If you like my work and would like to have a meeting or hire me, please contact me, I love hearing about new ideas.


Personas, Communication Plan, Competitor Analysis


Adobe XD, Sketch, InDesign


Report, Design Guide, Prototype


1st Semester Assignment

intermedia solutions laptop mockup

In this one month long assignment we had to come up with a digital concept to tackle a prolem we wanted to solve.

We developed the concept of a web mapping service that offers route planning for traveling by foot, bicycle and any other slower means of transportation suggesting alternative routes according to one’s personal interests, preferences and location history. In short terms, it offers routes off your beaten paths.

My role was to make a customer survey that serves with relevant information about the problems and needs of our potentional customers and based on the findings come up with basic personas. In the second part of the project I mostly worked on the aesthetics of the application to make it appealing for our users and to convey the essential message of our concept.


For better understanding of driving factors of consumer behaviour we created a survey to create personas. Our survey received 41 responds upon which we created three personas.

Robert is a bit bored of his every day commute routes but he is too organized to go on a unplanned wandering in the city. The app motivates him go on new routes but stay structured at the same time.

Laura is very impulsive and adhoc, quick in making decisions and determined in execution. Her decisions are driven by her emotions.

Sabrina takes photos of everything, records footage for her blog and write notes for future ideas. She left her 9-5 job to pursue her dreams and start a never ending journey around the globe. She is a slow decision maker due to strategic content planning on her blog, but easily “manipulated” by good visuals, pre-made routes. Her decision are driven by trends, surroundings and emotions.

In the application used two distinctive typefaces for the headers and the body text. Roboto Black for titles & the menu and Quicksand regular for the main text & content as, for example, descriptions of the featured activities.

The use of blue gives a calm and soothing effect. It reflects the slow living mindset and freedom of wandering. It follows our values of consciousness and mindfulness. It is a light but bright blue, meaning tranquility and discovery: it gives peace in mind and awareness at the same time. All the the seven activities colors are in the same kind of tint of the main blue color. They match each activities featured in the application. Pictograms.

Maëva Le Callonnec

Feel free to say hi, give feedback or tell me about your project, I love hearing about new ideas!