Maëva Le Callonnec

Ádám Molnár

I am designer who can code looking for an internship position for a 10 week period from September 2019.

In my work I always aspire to build on data, this establishes an essential understanding of the goals of each project and helps to create thoughtful experiences, users can connect to.

I am currently the in-house designer for Intermedia Video Solutions and front-end designer at ProjektX, a danish creative agency that offers design services executed by university students.

If you like my work and would like to have a meeting or hire me, please contact me, I love hearing about new ideas.


Customer Journey, Personas, Style Guide, Usability Testing


HTML, CSS, Javascript, JSON, Photoshop, InDesign


Prototype, Website, Report, Presentation


2nd Semester Exam Project

intermedia solutions laptop mockup

Maëva Le Callonnec is a fashion stylist from Paris driven by a sustainable and slow-living mindset and inspired by poetry. As an ambitious professional, she is looking for ways to reach potential clients and get visibility in a highly competitive industry.

To help Maëva reaching her goals we researched her potential target audience, her primary and secondary competitors and created a website where she can dynamically update her showcased works and express her thoughts on topics in a blog section, coded with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

My main role was to translate the prototypes into a working website, plan and realize user tests to discover painpoints and implement the changes into the next iterations.


We determined 3 personas based on the research and target audience that our artist wants to reach. The knowledge from the personas helped us to define and understand the needs and goals of the users based on their behaviors, personal preferences and favorite channels of information.

Apolline is a young French communication student, livin in Lyon. She is a fashion enthusiast and likes to customize her own shirts. She is interested in fashion, photography and cinematography. She is mostly using Instagram Pinterest and Facebook in her everyday life to find inspiration, get an online presence as an influencer and interact with her friends. She loves reading Vogue or Sindrome to see the new trends.

Maud is a freelance fashion photographer. She loves traveling with her boyfriend. During her spare time, she loves watching Netflix, reading books and listening to music to find new inspirations. She is and Instagram addict, both for her professional and personal purpose. She is using instagram at least 2 hours every day. She needs to lever up her photography portfolio so she decided to work with a stylist during her photoshoots.

Paul is a brand recruiter for a well-known fashion brand. He is the father of 2 young girls. He likes his job but for him fashion is a business where everything is done in a rush with many deadlines. He is mostly using social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram for professional purposes. He likes to spend his spare time with his family.

Our design process started by creating a moodboard, and wireframes. We focused on five keywords representing the values of our fashion stylist to create the moodboard: light, delicate, elegant, poetic, sustainable.

Throughout our design process we conducted 3 different tests. After our initial prototype, we used a 5 Seconds Test to get our first feedback. With implementing the findings, we created a second iteration which we tested with a think aloud test. Then, we made the third iteration which we validated with a BERT test.

Martel Sans Regular is used for the body text as it is light and airy. The use of negative space — black text on white background — makes it easy to read and comfortable to look.

Consequently, inspired by the moodboard, the main colors have been defined by black and white. Those colors reflect the values of the artist, as they are elegant and chic. The contrast between them create a musicality and play a role in the poetic style of the visual identity.

We designed the website to be accessible and understandable both for readers and Google. Did this by following Google's SEO guideline and using multiple audit websites eg. Google Lighthouse.

The website is fully optimized for mobile devices. We designed the navigation to easily reachable by hand. The text size is also responsive but readable on mobile. Google's mobile-friendly test gave it a max score.

All the anchors and image alt tags are filled with descriptive texts and keywords.

The descriptive title tags and meta descriptions on every page make it easier to understand for the reader the purpose of the website and give an accurate description of our client. This tags also makes the webpage standing out on the Google search list.

We generated a sitemap.xml and robots.txt and submitted it into Google Search Console. This makes sure that our site will be indexed. We also connected Google Analytics and defined a goal, to track the visitors and conversions.

We implemented schema markup tags on the pages. This boost SEO ranking, by giving extra information to crawlers.

One of the most important factors in today's SEO is to have a secure website. Having an SSL certificate not just boost the rank of the website, but make it more professional.

The website is mostly a visual representation of Maëva's work. This means, that we have to use highquality pictures. Although we wanted to make our site as fast as possible. This is why we web optimized every image and recommend this on every image on the website.

Intermedia Solutions

Feel free to say hi, give feedback or tell me about your project, I love hearing about new ideas!