Intermedia Solutions

Ádám Molnár

I am designer who can code looking for an internship position for a 10 week period from September 2019.

In my work I always aspire to build on data, this establishes an essential understanding of the goals of each project and helps to create thoughtful experiences, users can connect to.

I am currently the in-house designer for Intermedia Video Solutions and front-end designer at ProjektX, a danish creative agency that offers design services executed by university students.

If you like my work and would like to have a meeting or hire me, please contact me, I love hearing about new ideas.


Customer Journey, Personas


Trello, Figma, WordPress


Prototype, Website


Freelance Project

intermedia solutions laptop mockup

Intermedia Solutions is a video production company based in Copenhagen operated by university students.

Their main activity is to record speeches at events and conferences, while also offering services in the fields of commercial videos, branding and animation.

My task was to identify current and future target groups, analyze them, and to design a website based on the data that can turn potential leads into clients. During the process I worked in close collaboration with the client to reach an end product that we are equally satisfied with.


The process started with a workshop where I gained insights about their current audience and the audience they aspire to reach, the brands that they can relate to, the desired associations for the look and feel of the website.

Based on the insights we constructed 3 user personas that later helped us to determine user flows, content and service types on the website.

The first persona is the CEO of a small tech start-up, in Copenhagen. His goal is to raise awareness of their product and communicate the benefits users can receive from using that through a video campaign. To do that he needs to partner up with a company that is able to deliver a high quality product on time, at a price that fits their budget.

The second persona works as a marketing specialist in the UK. Her goal is to find a way to differentiate on a saturated market and give a voice to their brand. To do that it is essential for her to reach out to the right people who can help her find relevant content for their audience and implement that in their content.

The third persona is an organizer for a series of events in Copenhagen. He focuses on finding a service provider that can record the speeches at their events without having to worry about managing the day-to-day tasks connected to it.

Our aim was to create a visual language that can be corporate and professional yet playful and dynamic at the same time. To support these goals we chose a typeface that is fun, geometric and easy-to-read.

The color palette reflects the orange-blue combination that the company have used before, while it is tailored for the new direction of visual language, optimized for screen and supplemented with secondary colors for a more sophisticated look.

We built each section of the wireframes with the users in mind, to make sure that we inlcude all the needed elements of communication and by that appeal to each target group in a specified way.

The sectiosn on the front page are intended to catch the attention of the visitor, communicate the brand personality traits, inform about the types of services offered, ensure about the quality of work, and build trust.

We built each section of the wireframes with the users in mind, to make sure that we inlcude all the needed elements of communication and by that appeal to each target group in a specified way.

Wireframe of the homepage and how the wireframe have been put together based on the data from the research

Feel free to say hi, give feedback or tell me about your project, I love hearing about new ideas!