Ádám Molnár

I am designer who can code looking for an internship position for a 10 week period from September 2019.

In my work I always aspire to build on data, this establishes an essential understanding of the goals of each project and helps to create thoughtful experiences, users can connect to.

I am currently the in-house designer for Intermedia Video Solutions and front-end designer at ProjektX, a danish creative agency that offers design services executed by university students.

If you like my work and would like to have a meeting or hire me, please contact me, I love hearing about new ideas.


Design brief, Wireframes


Adobe XD, InDesign


Prototype, Design Description


Online Design Competition

intermedia solutions laptop mockup

INA Energy is a social enterprise dedicated to combining biomass energy with blockchain technology to improve Taiwan's energy Problems

INA Pay is an app that enables users to pay their electricity bill in discount price by INA Coin from the comfort of their homes.

I designed a prototype based on a design brief for an online competition.

Home Screen

Energy generated screen with static current value element

Number of benefited households and CO2 emission reduction screen

Screen presenting latest news about INA

Pay bill with INA coins

First screen of payment with INA

First users have to enter their name

Then their electricity number

Finally slide to make the payment

At the end they get feedback about the success of payment

Pay for rewards

Screen presenting available bills in a choosen order

If a user chooses a bill the container around the bill darkens

Then they get more detailed information about the bill they are about to pay

After payment users get the same feedback as at the end of paying with INA coins

Ticket Status

Paid bills tab

Pending bills tab

Unpaid bills tab

Registered users only have to choose an unpaid bill then scan QR code and slide to pay


Feel free to say hi, give feedback or tell me about your project, I love hearing about new ideas!